Need written information? TrueXpro manuals are the complete 'getting started' documents, designed to allow understanding and competent use of the various features and input requirements of TrueXpro.

They primarily follow through the setup process, user environment, basic operrations and commands. Other guides provide a more detailed reference on how to process data and report generating.

A management section is also provided, with advanced and specific tasks for the Site Administrator along with procedures, a glossary of terms and comprehensive index.

All guides and documentation are in PDF format.

Benefits of Using TrueXpro
The solutions provided by ERP software are vitally important for things to run smoothly and you get those from TrueXpro. TXP delivers an extensive set of cross-functional business tools designed to facilitate company-wide activities as well as those of your suppliers and customers.

The first time you work with TrueXpro, you'll quickly discover the benefits of using TrueXpro as an ERP solution and why it is a better choice when compared with other premium software packages.



Preparing for TrueXpro
TrueXpro provides a classification and coding system for all your business activities such as job costing, workflow management, accounting transactions, diary entries, purchase orders and emails. This unique classification system makes possible sales analysis and strategic management reports, dynamically connecting all aspects of your business within the system.

Prior to using TXP you will need to carefully review and define your business processes in terms that describe how you conduct business and serve your clients. The purpose of this document is to help you prepare for setting up the various Business Transaction Allocation Categories.


TrueXpro Overview and User Environment
This manual provides a description of TrueXpro's user environment; the windows, buttons, menu bars, pull down menus and dialog boxes. The tools used for processing data are also dealt with. At the beginning of this guide there is a Program Description TXP and overview of Program Functions.


TrueXpro Basic Operations and Commands
This manual provides systematic instructions of how to do individual tasks. Entering and exiting the System are covered under Getting Started. Selecting records, The Query and Sort Editors, Quick Reports and Graphing are covered under Manipulating Data; and Company Setup, Choices Lists and Users are handled under Database Management.


TrueXpro Quickstart
There are are number of steps involved in installing and setting up TrueXpro which are covered in this manual.


TrueXpro Procedures
This manual provides a detailed, step-by-step description of simple and complex tasks a user may need to perform. Use this section as subsequent guidance to tasks that were directed in your initial setup and training.


TrueXpro Database Field Definitions
This document is a list of all the fields in TrueXpro, sorted alphabetically by Table (module) with a concise explanation of the intended purpose of each field.


TrueXpro Database Tables List
This document is a list of all the fields in TrueXpro, sorted alphabetically by Table (module) with a concise explanation of the intended purpose of each table.


4D Write
4D Write is a software plug-in that adds word-processing capabilities to TrueXpro. This manual explains how to use 4D Write to create letters, memos, and other documents. It shows you how to enter and edit text in these documents and how to use these documents in combination with data in TrueXpro.


4D Quick Report Editor
One of the most important tasks in data management is report generation. Although many pre-designed reports have been made available in TrueXpro, the Quick Report editor is a versatile tool that lets users design their own reports.

Chapter 9 of this manual explains how to use the Quick Report editor to print data in a columnar report. It also describes how to design the report using fields from TXP modules as columns in the report and how to enhance the report by dividing data into sorted groups and performing summary calculations for each group.

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