Smart Reports are pre-defined reports that add intelligence to your data allowing you to analyse and make informed decisions.

1.  Worksheet Review Report
- An excellent tool for Project Managers to get an overview of all interactions linked to a project for a specified period of time. Report options cover Emails, Faxes, Correspondence, Change Notices / Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Status Reports, Deficiencies, Diaries, Tasks, Appointments and Meetings.
- Details may also be printed out for Suppliers, Project Directories, Web Users and Project Check Lists.

2.  Cash Position Report
- Lets you know on any day what your actual business cash position is; Cheques written but not released, Cheques in the mail and Cheques in the bank.

3.  Transaction Posting Analysis Report
- Reconciles General Ledger accounts to allocation postings for Projects and Cost / Income Centres.
- Verifies that data entry for each transaction is complete.
- Significant for quality control in the corporate bookkeeping/accounting function.

4.  Opportunities Report
- A report that links user diary entries with recorded sales opportunities for a specified period of time.
- Allows management to quickly review the progress of customer sales leads.

5.  Business Activity Statement & Tax Reconciliation Report
- A statement that includes all sales invoices, purchases and wage payments for a specific period of time. Used for preparing and submitting information to the government about business activities that are subject to various taxes including GST.
- To ensure report accuracy, prior reporting period values are also displayed.
- A list of suggested General Ledger transactions can be printed to assist with journal entries.

6.  Bank Register Transaction Analysis
- A "drill-down analysis" of Bank Register transactions by GL Accounts for a specified report period.
- Allows for examining data in greater detail by displaying the transactions that contributed to each item.

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