TrueXpro is made available as a licenced solution. The licencing cost of TXP is based on the number of users that work in the software at the same time. Please email us for a quote.

Subscription licences last for one year. Beyond the first year you must subscribe to the Annual TrueXpro Licence Program. The price of the Annual Upgrade Program is calculated at 25% of the cost of the first year of your licence. Upgrades are available through TrueXpro's FTP site. This subscription assures access to free upgrades and bug fixes.
Licencee must designate an on-site database administrator to maintain the system and act as a liaison with TrueXpro staff.

TrueXpro may only be run on one machine. However, you may run multiple copies of TXP on the same computer.

TrueXpro licenced for two or more users requires database server software in order to run over a network. These products must be purchased separately.

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